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About Us

Hunter Valley Cadillacs is the realisation of the dreams of Debbie and Dave Maiden both of whom have been classic car enthusiasts for many years.

We felt there was something lacking in the Hunter Valley region and our classic Cadillac hire car business was born. But not just any Cadillac, we needed the finned monsters of the fifties and early sixties, the true iconic American car of the era. Elvis would be proud! 

Why Choose Us?

Going the extra distance is what we're about. Even as far as the other side of the world!


With the specific style of car in mind our quest began..... but not on our shores, there's just too few of them here. Although the classics are becoming rare in America they can be found if you try hard enough and know where to look.


We purchased our convertible from Salt Lake City, Utah and our limo from Phoenix, Arizona. We actually bought our sedan from Adelaide because we couldn't find a suitable one in USA. The result, three magnificent cars!

Our People

Dave & Debbie are a husband and wife with a passion for classic American cars and there's no more classic than the ultimate in style and class.....General Motors finest marque, Cadillac. Often described as motordoms masterpiece.

Debbie Maiden, Manager/Driver


American car enthusiast and mother of four.


Debbie's involved in all aspects of the business including getting her hands dirty when Dave needs a hand in the workshop.

She met Dave through their common interest in large V8 American cars. Her first American car was a 1968 Pontiac convertible which she still owns to this day.


Her favourite time....driving our 1960 Cadillac convertible on a beautiful summer's afternoon.


Mobile:  0429346759



Dave Maiden, Manager/Driver


Dave's been an American car enthusiast for as long as he can remember.


Purchasing his first American car when he was 17, a 1962 Chevrolet Belair, long before V8's were outlawed for young drivers. Since then he's owned 15 classic cars including the Cadillacs.


As a qualified mechanic he gets to do the stuff that nobody sees that keep these finned monsters on the road.


Mobile:  0439346759